History is not just about involve memorizing specific dates.

What was it I had to learn to become like him? What sort of discipline did the other guy have? The field of history is multifaceted which will enhance your understanding of your culture as well as your moral knowledge of the world that we are living in. The not-so-photogenic Ronald "Slim" Williams, the founder and CEO of Cash Money Records, has researched the musical business’s history as well as its record labels and the history of rap.

When you study history, you’ll develop many transferable abilities such as informed citizenship and critical thinking, through to general awareness and research. the rapper Lil’ Wayne, Ronald "Slim" Williams, and his brother who is a rapper and co-owner at Cash Money Records, Bryan "Birdman" Williams. Additionally, the information acquired through studying historical subjects is applicable to numerous fields and may provide a wide range of opportunities for employment. History is not just about involve memorizing specific dates. Here the associate professor of History Dr. It is more concerned with understanding the larger trends that are prevalent that include: what items last over time, and which ones don’t and why. Tony Joel, from Deakin University’s watch School of Humanities and Social Sciences gives four reasons why studying the history of our time will lead to an exciting and lucrative career.

If neuroscience is concerned with our brains, the physiology concerning our body, biochemistry regarding living things, psychology about motivation Then history is everything in the mix . More to the story of history goes beyond being aware of dates and times. History is for big-picture thinking people. It’s a popular misconception that studying the past is just keeping track of events, people that are important, dates, places , etc. If you’re studying the past, you’ll be less likely to leap into an assumption that "the reason that things are as they are now is because it’s the most effective alternative." The who whom, what, when, and where type of questions are only the beginning. . . . The historians are much more interested in examining the questions of how and why and interpret the events in order to comprehend how they happened and why they took place. It’s not true in many instances.

Thus, historians usually come to consensus on the main "facts" regarding an historical event but could interpret events in a very different manner. Learn Your Historical Context. "Take, for instance the assassination by US the president John F. Once you realize the reason and how it have come to be in the manner they are, you discover that the world isn’t written in stone. Kennedy’ Dr. You realize that the situation could have been a lot different. opposite way, and the world would have been quite different. Joel declares. If Hannibal had defeated Rome. "Everyone knows that he had been shot in a motorcade outside of Dallas on November 22, 1963. If Napoleon wasn’t forced into the war against Russia.

But did Lee Harvey Oswald the perpetrator? If yes was he the sole shooter or was there an additional shooter? Or was Oswald just a "patsy" to be part of an elaborate cover-up? Historical scholars spend the majority of their lives discussing (or disputing!) with each other.’ If Hitler had been victorious in WW2. . . and so on. Put your knowledge of the past to the test by taking this test. In this article , I’ll discuss my 10 top and most popular tips for how to learn about history. History is more in demand than you might believe.

These guidelines are equally beneficial when reading biographies as the greatest people create history. History is always popular. Therefore, it is essential to learn about famous men. It’s among the "traditional" disciplines within the humanities, and has gained a reputation over time as the cornerstone in an undergraduate degree called the Bachelor of Arts. 1.) History teaches by analogy and example, not in the finer details.

In the present, studying history is the most popular subject. Or, as Mark Twain put it, "history is not a repeating process but the story rhymes." Indeed, year after année history is as one of the most sought-after fields that are offered to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts graduates. Simply because something occurred or an approach that worked in the past, doesn’t mean it can be the same or operate in the same manner now. It’s also extremely sought-after as an elective option with students from the entire college. And vice versa. Dr. This is another form of the "perfect-knowledge-trap". (Because you’d have to be aware of the confluence of all forces that result in that result initially You don’t, and it’s impossible to.) Joel notes that, despite being studying nursing, engineering sciences or law, commerce or something else, lots of students like to play some historical knowledge as part of their curriculum.’ 1b) Keep your eyes open to the randomness of life and the most extreme of randomness and extreme. "It appears that, even whether they’re in nursing, engineering, science commerce, law or any other field, many students like to play some historical knowledge in their courses.’ Dr.

In the year Caesar Augustus (Octavian) rose to power at the age of 19 to become the leading Roman figure-and also the most well-known in the world over, he did it because of having (1) huge sums of money that financed the largest armyin the world; (2) was the inheritor of the name and legacy of Julius Caesar, and (3)-which cannot should be overlooked-(3) ball of steel . Tony Joel, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University. He did numerous wonderful things and made an immensely positive effect on Rome 1 in to restore its morality and economy from the state of dissolution as well as chaos and quasi-anarchy following fifty years of bloody civil conflict. The study of history can help you find amazing jobs.

That’s great, however, this is a scenario created by an extreme mix of coincidences that has no historical precedent both before and after.

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