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It’s true that the unavowed purpose of architecture may be to build a pocket paradise, where the indoor climate is restored to the perfect outdoor climate as it was in the Garden of Eden, where you don’t need clothes or a house. This was what nudity was about in my Digestible Gulf Stream; it proved also quite comfortable at the opening of the Biennale on a very hot Italian August day. Yes, we like to produce quickly, as we believe that there is something about intuition that should not be underestimated. We consider our products as test cases, regardless of whether they are book, building, exhibition or strategic framework. However, as we are very interested in the notion of collaboration and inquiry, not all projects can come to a result equally quickly. We are certainly not stuck with the notion of individual authorship, although this, in some projects, can make things easier.

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Branzi has always been interested in questions linked to the compatibility between urban human spheres and the realm of vegetation, from No-Stop-City to the theoretical project known as Agronica . This rhetorical argument argues for the development of neighbourhood agriculture and the exploitation of every possible urban space for planned green areas. Nature is cultivated as a garden, with its walls seen as a kind of wood, and agricultural land is increased in order to de-mineralise urban space, transforming it into a continuous zone of vegetation, which is both vertical and horizontal. If they were not among the most hackneyed buzzwords of the moment, self-production and the rediscovery of craftsmanship would be ideal keys to the interpretation of Francesco Faccin’s work.

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They sang obscene songs to insult the queen, and their choruses were maniacal laughter, more appalling than the yells of wild beasts could be. They shrieked, they howled, they murdered the friends of the royal couple, and held the ghastly heads on pikes before the windows of the imperial carriage. The brave queen sat close beside her husband, her boy on her knee, and with a calm voice soothed his childish terrors. Mathare is a shantytown in Nairobi that houses half a million people, practically a city within the city of the Kenyan capital. I went there in October 2012, invited by the NGO Liveinslums to design and realize the interiors of a school. Spending every day in the community, I realized that a multitude of stalls immersed in the mud were displaying goods that I had never seen before.

calendari economici

She first opened her eyes in the palace at Vienna, November 2, 1755. She was the youngest daughter of the Emperor Francis, and the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. Her childhood was peaceful and happy amongst her brothers and sisters. She saw little of her stately mother, and her father died when she was only ten years old. She had an irrepressible propensity for fun and amusement, but possessed not that love and aptitude for the acquisition of book knowledge, without which teachers are in vain, and opportunities well-nigh useless.

Holiday Inn Jaipur City Centre, an IHG Hotel

This project is almost the opposite of the Bosco Verticale which we have designed for the Isola neighbourhood, in Milan. This is an unusual project, highly experimental, which is destined for richer clients. It is a project which tries to strike a balance between technocratic rhetoric and the Branzian ideas we discussed earlier. Architecture has taken a back seat here, and what has become crucial is the question of the structure and engineering which can support and sustain trees in a building which is around 100 metres tall, and where the trees can be up to 12 metres tall on the top floor. This has been a real challenge, and I have enjoyed it a lot. The building was finished on time, apart from the green and tree-lined spaces, which didn’t receive funding.

  • For me, this concrete utopia is a necessary madness of extraordinary scope, carried out thanks to the work of one individual and his life.
  • This is an unusual project, highly experimental, which is destined for richer clients.
  • It’s called Alibi and it is constructed like a reportage in marginal, secondary places.
  • The Polizia di Stato (State Police or P.S.) is one of the national police forces of Italy.

The official website of Gio Ponti, Italian genius of architecture and design, has been up and running for some time now. In addition to the classical biographical information, the website contains a large rfp template for software section devoted to the master’s designs, with many library pictures and an ample collection of letters. There is also an online store where you can buy prints, books and products that he designed.

Architecture is the most snafu, god-awful job in the world; at the same time it is arguably one of the most interesting. Without a certain optimism, relentless belief and fun in what one is doing, the “project” of architecture would simply be an impossible task. When I was more involved in snowboarding, the whole point about building a kicker had to do with the potential of producing something that both within its environment and within the practice of freestyle snowboarding would be able to create an unprecedented matter. This, of course, was related to the aspect of fun, but – translated into spatial practice – I think it still holds true, as it is based on a belief in relevance.

AM, a Danish company with experience in the cleaning of stereo systems, and the New York agency Arulidenhave developed a series of liquids and microfiber cloths designed specifically for smartphones, tablets, laptops, keyboards, etc. They clean delicately, contain no toxic liquids or alcohol and are easily recharged (they aren’t thrown away). Does your practice with nOffice argue for this and, for example, stand in a somewhat polemical position to practitioners who are ten to fifteen years older than you are? I ask because whereas the signature photo for older architects is the object or the building, the signature photograph for you seems to be the meeting or the discussion.

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And just of these two enchanting protagonists of the History of the XIXth century I like to talk to you today, about them and their connection with their niece Marie Louise XTrade Forex Broker Review von Wallersee. The king was dethroned, and imprisoned with his family in the monastery of the Feuillants. Afterwards they were put in a dark fortress called the Temple.

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Together with other colleagues, we are trying to outline the relationship between travelers and lived, toured, imagined space. We started with Venice, the city-icon of tourism representation. As theorists, I think we have a responsibility to push the envelope.

HISTORY OF FASHION ~ XVIIIth cent. fashionable caps (and straw hats).

When I began my career in the army, I did not imagine it would have taken me on this path. Becoming a pilot was an opportunity that came to me by chance. During my years in the police I was a trained bodyguard, and one of the pilots who used to fly the VIPs around was an army pilot. After numerous flights, he convinced me that I could do it too, and so I applied.

PORTRAIT OF A LADY ~ Maud Humphrey (Bogart), Edwardian American Illustrator.

The success of these processes calls for long periods of waiting, because they act on a deep level that involves upbringing, habits, the lifestyles of a community. In the United States the new ecological awareness involves young people, above all, but it is producing very fast changes in large segments of the population. The new bicycle paths that are appearing in Manhattan, beside the main traffic arteries, represent much more than an urban intervention.

Maud was very proud of winning this position since The Delineator also gave her the chance to publish articles about her favorite cause, that of the right to the female suffrage. Both the dimensions and the characters with which they are written make of them works of a truly inestimable value, and if we think of their authors and the time we are talking about, their value grows further beyond measure. And the Brontë siblings, in greater or lesser measure, possessed it all and gave demonstartion of it since their earliest age.

Capo della Polizia – Direttore Generale della Pubblica Sicurezza (Commissioner of Police – Director General of Public Security) is the chief of the Polizia di Stato, and head of the Department of Public Security in the Ministry of Interior and as such in charge of coordinating all Italian police forces. The commissioners of police are not sworn police officers, but senior civil servants, and are not uniformed. Pairs of Poliziotti patrol areas of major cities on foot.

I believe that in this historical moment there is a widespread tendency to erase cultural differences, in favor of insipid forms of compromise. I think it is fundamental to get back the energy to produce oblique, transverse thoughts. With this issue we wanted to suggest that it is no longer the time to be too polite, but time to pay attention to the substance of relationships. To start clashing again, to open up new forms of debate. Agitation can become a modus operandi to produce fresh ideas.

The ideal was a bit of cold meat accompanied by stewed vegetables and a piece of cheese. As for all other meals, soups, stews with meat and vegetables or just roast meat were on the agenda if the family multibank review could afford them. Next Eight Words which became part of the English Language after the American Civil War. The Dolgoruki family had lost all its possessions and the poor children were all orphans.

In this class we will start at the beginning and put this strategy together piece by piece so that you can master it and incorporate it into your everyday trading. You will be able to modify it to fit you style and then drop the potential trades into your risk management assessment and off you go to make high probability trades. Recruit training is carried out at the police academy and at an advanced school for senior police officers. There are schools for basic training of cadet officers and technical operators, for teaching police specialties, for instructors, pilots, dog handlers and mounted police officers and the community police school. In major cities and highly populated towns there are police stations named Commissariati di Pubblica Sicurezza .

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